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benefits of Whole wheat

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benefits of Whole wheat


Maybe bread that is made solely with bleached
white flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and oil, does not have much nutrition in it,

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Hi Qahtan,

There are, indeed, differences in the nutritional content of breads made with bleached flour and breads made with whole wheat or other whole grains.  I'm not sure what point you wish to make by saying bread with bleached flour "does not have much nutrition in it".  White bread will keep body and soul together for a long time, so there's obviously some nutritional value in it.  Whole grain bread will supply some additional nutrients that benefit the body.  Neither, eaten without any other foods, is capable of providing the full range of nutrients that we need for good health.  

The primary thing that we need to keep in mind is that our diets should contain a variety of foods, primarily fruits and vegetables (including grains and legumes) with a limited amount of meat.  Painting any one food or food group as either magically good or evil tends to distract attention away from our real dietary objective, which is to choose our foods wisely so that we enjoy good health.

To your health,