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Unsatisfactory crumb in my first time use of Poolish

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Unsatisfactory crumb in my first time use of Poolish

I have just recently baked this morning( 30 Sept 2006)  some Sweet Potato Rosemary loaves using a proper 18 hour poolish made out of Vit enriched plain flour that'd I made a day ahead for my very first time. With reference to this post dated 26 Sept'06 I went ahead with it.

Kate, here they are.  I think it's a bit too peppery for my palate as well as my family's too. I think I'll reduce the pepper by a tsp next time round.Unfortunately, the end result turned out nothing like I expected it would. I didn't get that much airy irregular holes Nevertheless, the texture was moist, rather dense with a nice crust. I decided also to experiment on how I should add the mashed sweet potato to see which ones would achieve the best results.

Here are my photos that I'd just posted into the Harvest Gallery  :

I did 2 methods:

i) to mix it into the wet flour mixture

ii) to mix it in during the folding/stretching/resting process.

1) Sweet potatoes mixed into the wet dough:

a) autolyse & 10min rest
b) stretching/fold & 10 mins rest process
c)Knead & 30 min rest
d)Stretch & fold into thirds & 30min rest process
e)Stretch & fold into thirds & 30min rest process
f)Shape & proof for 45 mins

2) Sweet potatoes folded into the wet dough after :

1) autolyse & 10min rest
2) stretching/fold & 10 mins rest process
3)Knead & 30 min rest
4)Stretch & fold into thirds & 30min rest process
5)Stretch, add mashed sweet potatoes & fold into thirds & 10min rest process done 3 times to add to remaining 30mins as stated on Dan's Garlic loaf recipe

6)Shape & proof for 1 hour 25 mins( an additional 45 mins) because my oven is a mini toaster like electric oven & can only fit in one loaf at a time.  It's a good thing there was no unbearable beery odour nor was did it produce any distasteful off sour taste.

Notice the uneven strands of mashed sweet pot colouring the crumb, although not what I'd wanted but it was a nice rustic decor.

I know it can be a bit disheartening when my loaves didn't turn out the way that it should have but I've gotten this far to almost baking some decent different variety of straight dough methods and now I'm in the midst of embarking on a new whole adventure of artisan home bread baking.

I certainly found the posts I've read here & other baking sites encouraging.  I must say this particular post by Floyd has given me & I'm sure many as well the determination to persevere & practice.

As always, I'd appreciate any comments from anyone on what I've missed that resulted in a dense & loss of airy irregular bubbles in my loaves.