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Community Oven in Colorado

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Community Oven in Colorado

Here in Carbondale, Colorado, we will soon be building a community wood-fired bread oven, a noncommercial place for bread makers to bake together.  We feel that it is a good alternative to having twenty or thirty individuals bake at home in their individual kitchens, especially in this town, where community spirit is very strong and where many people grow their own food.   We would be interested in hearing from any of you who have experience with the community aspect of baking.  Do you have any suggestions for us?  Any pictures of your own community ovens, or ones located in other parts of the world?  Public response to the idea has been overwhelmingly positive, and we can hardly wait to begin.




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Hi, Linda.

I have no personal experience with community ovens, or wood fired ovens for that matter. I probably never will, because of air pollution problems where I live. But I just have to say what a totally cool idea I think this is. 

There are a number of bakers on TFL who do use WFO's, and I bet they will have some helpful suggestions for you. I hope you keep us abreast of your progress on this project.


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next time I'm in the area (which, with any luck, will be soon).  I'm not surprised at all for this to crop up in Carbondale.  Did you shop it around at Mountain Fair?  That would be a great showcase for next year, once it's going. 

For what it's worth, in many towns in Turkmenistan, the apartment buildings have a cluster of communal tamdyrlar (ovens) outside in the courtyard.  Probably the family homes, too, where a few families (extended, of course) get together and bake in the same oven.  They're hive-shaped affairs, and look pretty rough/traditional.  Probably just a variation on poured concrete nowadays.  I'm not sure how they used to do them, but it a traditional set-up.  It makes enormous sense to have the oven outdoors here, since we routinely get over 110F (about 45C) in the summer.  I wish mine were!

Good luck with it!

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There's one at Dufferin Grove Park.  They have family pizza days, use it for events in the park, and have a community development aspect where they sell bread made from it.  The park also has programmes related to food security and Toronto's first all organic farmer's market.  It's a neat park and programme if you feel like looking it up on the internet. 


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Look here:

Includes contact info for the guy who got the project rolling.

Pittsburgh, PA

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Carbondale Comm...

Here in Carbondale, Colorado, our community wood-fired oven is becoming closer to being a reality!  For those who may be interested in a project like this in their own communities, we have posted our most recent meeting minutes on our website.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.