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bakery management software

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bakery management software

I wanted to just let y'all know that I've been using the Datapax software for a while now to track my ingredient useage and sales. They recently did a joint venture with GlobalBake and upgraded me to this new GlobalBake software. i LOVE it! It does the nutrition labels, tracks sales, receipts and recipes and can even forecast what I'm going to need to buy. Anyone else find some good bakery management software out there? I tried a few of the others a few years ago and found them to be targeted to the small business; which is fine if I wanted to have to redo everything as I grow! I looked for information on here regarding software and hadn't found anything useful so I wanted to post.


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How about telling us a bit  about your bakery - its location, what you bake, favorite breads, etc. so we know you are actually a professional baker, not just hawking software.


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Yes, I would like to know a little about you and your bakery too..... And if it's that good of software, I may be interested in it...



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Sattva Bakery

is there a trial version of this software available?

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I write my own software using excel. It's so dead-on, the last loaf I make is exactly the right weight...almost all the time.

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Alpine, any chance you would care to share your "software"?



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I removed the stone, doubled my thin Calphalon quarter sheets (which warp when heated high, causing the uneven burning seen on 2 loaf bottoms), and also used an air insulated sheet.  The pictures show the results - the bottoms still burned.

I see that I can raise my 2 shelves one notch.  I can also try the silpat on one pan.  I'll try those changes next time I bake.

Any comments/ suggestions are welcome.