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Vermont Sourdough with Whole Wheat

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Vermont Sourdough with Whole Wheat

It's been quite some time since I posted, but I wanted to share with you my new blog (about 6 weeks old only!) - I hope it is ok to post a link to it? If it is not, please let me know and I will remove this thread.


I started blogging because of he Bread Baker's Challenge that I joined in a moment of lunacy  :-)

Actually, I am loving it - and my baby blog will have a lot of bread in it, but not only bread. I just made a post on my favorite bread of all times, which is Hamelman's Vermont sourdough, we have it almost every weekend. I also have the breads from the challenge done so far, 10 of them, number 11 should come up on Wednesday or Thursday. Life is busy 

for those interested, stop by

and the link to Hamelman's