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My first Bread baking blog galore

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My first Bread baking blog galore

Hello Everybody,

I simply do enjoy coming here regularly to read everyone's post on different variations & methods of baking bread.

Just a few hours ago earlier this morning on the 20th Sept'06, I'd attempted to bake my first time; a wetter & slacker dough for my Poppy seed hot crossed buns.  I had changed the recipe I got in my recipe to use yellow raisins/glace red cherries/glace mixed peel and added poppy seeds & wholemeal bread flour too instead of the regular traditional recipe.

Thanks to Floyd's recipe of Pain de Provence using cointreau which I may add is an excellent option to soak all the fruits in overnight. Thanks to everyone's input on handling wetter & slacker dough, my first attempt produced a heavenly mouth watering aroma of Cointreau soaked fruits when sliced opened.

Oven spring was fantastic, the texture was soft & fluffy although it didn't have the irregular holes that I'd wanted in a slack dough. I reckon it's due to the fact that I didn't do any poolish/preferment/sponge first nor did I handle the dough gently when I was shaping it.




Here is the picture showing the fluffy texture of the crumb. You can also see the little bits of glace cherries/yellow raisins/mixed peel peeking out. Unfortunately, the poppy seeds aren't too noticeable.

Thanks to Floyd for helping me out with posting my photos.