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She's back!

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She's back!

Hi everyone! Can't believe 10 months have gone by since I posted. At least, that was the timing of my last blog entry. I peeked in from time to time, and thought often about some of the great people here that I was getting to know and their great breads.

Life just got busy. It's still busy, but I miss the interaction with fellow enthusiasts and hope to start posting regularly again. One lesson I learned. Trying to keep up with ALL the posts was insane and probably exponentially more insane now with the increased numbers visiting the site, reading and posting.

I'm still working with and learning about barley -- an odyssey that started about a year ago when someone asked me to produce sprouted barley bread. So far, have reported via the blog about making Tom Jaine's barley bread and Hamelman's Honey Nut Ale bread with roasted barley. Have yet to give you my modifications of Jaine's formula or how I made out with the sprouted grain breads. Soon, I promise.

For now, just want to share a neat resource for barley -- a website with recipes that I found only last week from the Alberta Barley Commission. I look forward to trying more of their recipes. Made their pancakes for breakfast this morning, and they were yummy! Added blueberries to the batter.

Here's the url:

See you around the forums! Apprentice aka Carol

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Hi Carol!

It's great to see you back on TFL! I figure a busy life is the best kind, depending on what was keeping you busy.

I missed your perceptive and informative posts. The other ones... ;-) Just kidding!

I'm looking forward to reading about your barley bread adventures.


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Hey David, good to see you! Yep, pretty much all good things keeping me busy the last 10 months. A new grandson. Building my freelance baking business and since the beginning of June, working part-time at a wonderful local bakery. Last but not least, a health scare that resolved well, thank goodness!

I kept good notes on the barley bread adventures plus others, all culinary of course!. :) Will update my blog with those accounts in due course. Meanwhile so many breads, so little time, as the saying goes. And I've got a wedding cake to do for a client next month.

Take care. I'll be watching for you and your bread adventures around the forum.