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hello from hurstpierpoint, sussex UK

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hello from hurstpierpoint, sussex UK

Hello there,

it is so exciting to find this site - I am new to bread making - the most success I have had has been with a white loaf using a sponge - I am experimenting with this at the moment but seeing how long the sponge will live if I keep feeding it each day....will it transform into a sour dough....

I had better post in the relevant section I guess!



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Hi, Sarah.

Welcome to TFL!

If you are interested in sourdough, there is certainly a lot of material here. Try a search on "sourdough bread" and one on "sourdough starter."

There is also good information in the Handbook and in the Lessons.

And if you have questions, just ask.


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 Hi Sarah..

 This is just really to say Hullo.................

 I am in the Niagara Peninsula, Canada, but I came here from Amgmering On Sea. Sussex....

  I am sure you will enjoy this site... qahtan

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You might be interested in this url about a UK advocate of making your own bread. Not sure if he's still blogging for The Guardian, but he gets up to a lot of things on behalf of good bread. Advocacy, etc. Sadly, his courses are too far away from you. But maybe his book's at your local library?

You'll also learn tons by hanging with us here at The Fresh Loaf, and we'll learn from you. Good to have you aboard!