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Breville BR6 Instructions

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Breville BR6 Instructions

Does anyone have the instructions for Breville BR6 Bakes oven?. I´ve tried to download it at Breville homepage and looking for it anywhere, but I could not do it.

I really apreciate if anyone could send me a copy to

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I have had a good rummage around on the web and I can't find it either. The Breville US site just spins its wheels and it's not on the UK site as far as I can tell. I've requested it from the parent (Australian) site, but that seems to have disappeared into the aether.

I did find the manual for the BR8 which is probably similar and things like recipes and times won't change. Do you want a copy of that PDF? I'll have to work out if I can upload it here or if I'll have to send it to you as an email attachment.

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I've received a copy of the manual from Brevel UK in PDF format.

I'll send it to you at the yahoo address in your post.



Several other people have asked me for copies of thei manual, so I have made it available here

Download BR6_Newest.pdf for free on

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Hey Manhe, please could you send me a copy also,

many thanks

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Hello, is there any chance that you could also send me a copy of the resipes. I would really appreceate it. Thankyou..  my email is

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links were dead and was driving me mad trying to find manual online, so at last here we are:

enjoy baking people :)

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At - If you get an error, keep trying it will come up.

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