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substitution help

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substitution help

hi everybody,

i'm new to sourdough baking and need some help.  i want to try out a rye bagel recipe but want to subsitute sourdough for biga.  i have no idea where to start and have trawled the internet but to no avail. the biga calls for 8 oz whole wheat flour, 1/4 t instant yeast and 5 oz water.

how do i substitute sourdough in this recipe?  any help would be appreciated.  thanks!

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Welcome to the Loaf. There are lots of ways to help you with this question. Here is a link to the "Sourdough Home" web site. Mike Avery is a long time contributor here also but since he moved he is up to his eyes in work so we haven't seen much of him lately. Mile has done a lot of work converting things to sourdough and he knows his stuff.

Here is the link directly to his Bagels recipe.

There is plenty here also under Bagels if you search.

Hope this helps.