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What are we eating?

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What are we eating?

Can anyone out there help me find a computer program that will analyze our breads? We've recently opened a co-op bakery and have been asked for that info on all of our products and we need help!

Love this site and have learned so much yet know so little. How can this be so much fun?


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I don't know of a computer program designed specifically for the purpose you describe.  I generally use the information on the packaging that my ingredients are sold in or, if it's not there, the Internet (Google) to get the best information (sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.) on the ingredients I use and work from there.  It's really not difficult, it just requires doing some math.

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I used to work for a company which made foodservice management software which would allow you to enter recipes and it would (among lots of other things) be able to give you a nutritional breakdown of the food, exactly what you are wanting here.

The main problem I see with it from your perspective is that it is expensive for that function.

If you also wanted a software tool which would also manage inventory control, production scheduling, and a host of other functions that may help manage your kitchens and point-of-sale -- and incidentally computes nutritional information for recipes -- then maybe you'd be interested.

Let me know and I'll give you contact info for my ex-employer.

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Here's a recipe site where, if you enter a recipe, when it gets posted it gets a nutritional breakdown.  If you want to post your recipes...  Here's a shameless link to my own fabulous peanut butter cookie recipe to give you an idea of how it works.  I don't know that you need to be a member to post recipes.  If you do, it's a very minimal yearly fee:


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Hehe..what's not to love, this one is bookmarked, sounds awesome!


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Let me know if you try it.



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Interesting topic. Doing a search for the "USDA nutritional information database" that Recipezaar mentions, I was led to a site that apparently does the same type recipe nutritional analysis. It may or may not be the same source. It does require registration and I am not sure if it is free or not. Please excercise due diligence.

After registering, looks like you can enter recipes and receive the nutritional data breakdown. Here's the link:

There's a help tab(?) near the top of the page, just under the login/registration bar that gives additional information.

Please let us know how it works out.

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from, and doesn't require registration.  It would be interesting to use several, and see how they match (or don't).

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 I was so curious as I made some ice cream yesterday that I wanted to know the nutrition data on. I decided to register and create a recipe. Registration was free. Besides email, no personal data required.

You get a nice printable nutrition data box along with an extensive analysis:

You enter ingredients from a preselected list. If it's not on the list, you can add your own custom ingredients.

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I've used that site for quite some time. Excellent data, breakdowns, and analysis. You can even use it to track YOUR percentage of numerous nutrients. Excellent site, highly recommended.

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It's a free site that comes with a nutrition and exercise trackers.  You can also create your own recipe box and keep your recipes and get the nutrition breakdowns once the recipe is completed.  A very good site for those who are health and weight conscious.  You can get a lot of support there as well.