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Bread Machine

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Bread Machine

I'm a single male looking for a small bread mahine that will make a 3/4#-1# loaf.  I have a Zoji but it only makes 2# loaves and I would like smaller loaves.  Thanks for the help in Advance.  MCG

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The ZOJIRUSHI MINI BB-HAC10 makes a 1 lb loaf. Pricey, but a nice small machine. Dave

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I have both the 2 lb. size Zojirushi bread machine and the 1 lb mini Zo that I purchased for our lake cabin, which has limited kitchen counter space.  It is a great little bread machine.  You can bake the 1 lb loaf in the machine, OR make a l lb or1.5 lb loaf on the dough cycle to be formed and baked in a loaf pan in the oven.  The size makes it easy to store.  I highly recommend this model if you want a smaller bread machine.   

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Just Loafin

If it has a manual or knead-only mode, you can use it to mix and knead, then you can hand shape and bake it yourself.

If it can mix/knead smaller than 2 lbs, then there ya go.. if it has to have 2 lbs of ingredients, then supply those, use manual mode, then split the dough in half for two 1 lb loaves.

Sorry for all of the if's, I'm not familiar with that brand.

- Keith

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Thank you all for your responses and suggestions.  I looked into the Mini Zo and did order one from Amazon.  Do you that own this machine use the recipies in the enclosed book or do you get better recipies from his site???  I'd appreciate any recipies that have worked well from this site in the Mini Zo.  Thanks MCG

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Hi McGruder,

We use the recipies in the book but can and do change them by up to a cup of ingredients.  Here's what we do:  The first cup to measure out gets any cnanges.  We like such things as quinoa, flax, potato flour, wheat bran, oat bran, masa harina, gluten (be careful with the gluten too much will make the bread very tough), rye.   We like to start with given recipie and then mess it up!.  We keep the liquid and flour ratio the same.   Sometimes we get a failure, but it will still eat.  Have fun, experiment and keep notes.

Doug & Anne