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starting a business

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starting a business

I've recently sold a business and have decided to start a bread company in new hampshire. Where could I fine an individual that could help me jump start my 

new company. I would be willing to give an equity position to the selected individual.



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That's a place to start....presuming you mean you want to start a bread bakery in New Hampshire.

You can contact them through this link

Check out the BBGA classifieds.

You could also contact Dan DiMuzio:  baker, author, educator and, I believe, consultant for hire.  He's a member here.

I'm just not sure if you are looking for a bakery consultant or investors.


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Here is a contact I have had for a while. I have not had the opportunity to contact her but you might just want to give her a call and see if she can help. I am going to apologize now if the email does not work, as I said this is old info, but it came from a good source. Hope it's helpful!

New Hampshire COOKS

7 Wall Street, Concord, NH

Contact: Nancy DuBosque