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Hamelman Bagels

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Steve H

Hamelman Bagels

So these bagels are the best I've ever had, and also probably the only fresh ones.  Thought I'd share.  The lumpy ones had pesto mixed in after the fact, which didn't really turn out that great, but still tasted awesome once baked.

I used a mixture of vital wheat gluten and bread flour instead of high-protein flour for these bagels.  Once they were a few days old they got a bit overly chewy without toasting them first.

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Wow Steve, those look beautiful! Congratulations on a wonderful bake! Are those ropeys and pokeys that I see?

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Steve H

I had to Google this. :)  I used the "ropey" method for all of them, which I found to be quite easy with this particular dough.  Much easier than I thought it would be, actually.  fter giving them a good quick rolling, the dough fused right up.  I did find it was good to have a good inch, at least, of overlap, or the hole would be a bit lopsided.

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Looking good, Steve. I've got some salmon and cream cheese that would be delicious with them.


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After going through about 8 or 9 different recipes, I have finally settle on Hamelmans. They have a great crust, nice dense chewy crumb. A real bagel.

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What ratio of gluten to bread flour did you use?


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Steve H


After very cursory research, I used 2 teaspoons per cup.  In this case I did the gluten with very course teaspoon measurements (relying on mean value theorem (sorry, nerdy reference) :) ) and then added the bread flour to the correct weight.

I might cut back a bit next time and also mark the weight of the gluten I added.  The dough was quite stiff.  Bagels were fine though.