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Looking for advice...sheeter vs. roller

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Kathy D

Looking for advice...sheeter vs. roller

Help! I'm overwhelmed and overworked with trying to roll out my dog biscuit dough by hand. My new, home-based business is growing faster than I anticipated and I need to get ahead of the orders. It's incredibly time consuming and hard on the arms to roll it out by hand and need to make that next step and have a machine do it for me! But what machine? I've been looking at used equipment but unsure of the direction to go in. I have a rotary cookie cutter so  I was hoping it could be rolled out long instead of round. Any help is most appreciated and thanks!


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I'm no expert, but I've rolled out a lot of cookies and dog biscuits by hand.  When I had the chance to use a sheeter, I immediately recognized it a a tool that would be great for marathon cookie baking.  I was able on my second try to roll a very good long sheet of dough - so if I can I assume everyone can.

You might want to call TMB baking (just type it into your favorite search engine) - I have found them to be infinitely helpful with baking equipment.

Hope this helps.