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Zojirushi problem

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Zojirushi problem

I have been making the same quick wheat recipe in my Zojirushi model BBCC-V20 for years with only rare problems. Fresh ground wheat and barley with a bit of fine milled whole wheat for texture. Recently every loaf seems unmixed, it sits in two partly connected squares and rises only about 1/3 of the way, very dense. I have tried everything I can think of in the mix reciepe and am sure it is a machine problem (mostly sure that is). I look at the abnormal indicator page of the manual and it does talk about a problem where the motor does not operate during knead cycle due to the weight of the contents...excessive load on the motor.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems or can you point me to a solution?



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I have a Zo bread machine.  I don't ever bake in it but use the dough cycle quite frequently.  I have had a problem on a couple of occasions where I didn't have the dough blades seated properly and the ingrediants did not incorporate well.  I have been able to catch the problem by checking on the dough will its in the beginning knead stage well before it goes to the first rise.  If there is an issue, I'll reseat the problem blade and either resume the process or cancel and restart the dough cycle with good results. Keep the dough blades and stem clean so that old dough does not interfere with proper seating.  I hope this has been of some help.  My Zo machine is almost 11 years old and if there is an issue it is my human error.  Good Luck.

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I remember Peter Reinharts talked about fresh milled flour need to sit for two weeks for oxidation or else the flour will not mix well and will not rise and taste funny. Search one of his video and he talked about his experience with the green flour.



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My Zoji sarted making funny sounds awhile back and seemed to be having problems  mixing (like it couldn't handle the load, on recipes I used before without problems. I got a new (actually used, but new to me) pan and the problem went away! Works great now. I noticed the things on the bottom that turn the paddles didn't seem to be turning anymore, and it was a cheaper fix than getting a new Zoji anyway, so it was worth a shot!

Hope that helps!