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Norwich Sourdough

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Norwich Sourdough

Goodness, it's been a while. I've finally raised a sourdough starter, Bud (sorry, I couldn't resist heh heh), and baked my very first loaf of sourdough!

I followed SusanFNP's Norwich Sourdough as closely as possible.

Norwich Sourdough

For the blister-inclined:


Crumb shot:


Now I can finally start making my way through all of the sourdough loaves that I've bookmarked from TFL! It's so exciting to be able to explore a whole new field of bread baking. I had been slowly settling into a pattern of baking several of my favourite breads, but I love how every once in a while, you try something new and it really makes you stop and think, "Wow!"

Got to love baking bread. ^_^

Full post here; I had posted it last week but still wanted to share it here, seeing as The Fresh Loaf is where I've been able to learn so much from everyone. Thank you!


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crust and crumb! You did a great job, keep'em coming!


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Great crumb!


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Your bread is beautiful. Great job.


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Thank you for all your kind comments! I'm definitely going to keep 'em coming :)