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Ingredients proportions in a whole wheat bread recipe...?

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Ingredients proportions in a whole wheat bread recipe...?

So I am feeling really creative and I want to make my own bread recipe today.  I'm wondering about proportions...I am just wanting to make a pretty basic whole wheat bread (nothing fancy lol)  Would a good proportion for one loaf be about 1 cup liquid to 3 cups flour??

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Many times I will review recipes that people have judged as good and see if there are any commonalities about the ratio of ingredients and techniques they use. Then I will develop a recipe of my own, picking the characterisitcs I want and try it out. If it turns out-GREAT! Then I will try and repeat it to see if it works again. Or I will tweak and try again. SOmetimes it is not the ingredients but the techniques used that make a big difference.

So-review some recipes and try your hand.You will make a lot of bricks,crumbs and some very good loaves.It's great fun.


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Anyone have a good recipe for light and fluffy WW bread?  All the ones I've tried have come out heavy!