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Board thinks I'm spam?

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Board thinks I'm spam?

It seems all my posts this morning are requiring me to do the CAPTCHA! thingy, even posts without URLs. What gives? I absolutely -loathe- having to deal with CAPTCHA! as they're very, very hard for me to read and the audio always sucks as well. Hopefully this is just a glitch and not a new, higher-security thing. I'd hate to just stop posting entirely.


Even THIS post is making me fill out the CAPTCHA!

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Hi SulaBlue,

Sounds very annoying.

I don't know whether this was ever resolved with user ejm, but here's a thread on a very similar topic:

Maybe ejm (Elizabeth) got her problem fixed? You can (I think) send her a message by going to her user page.

Hope you get it fixed!


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I'm having the same problem and I'm getting p*ssed, especially after having complained about the problem to the moderator a few days ago.

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Since other members are not having the issue, it could be the result of your ISP appearing on a spam list, such as Spamhaus.   

I wouldn't be so quick to blame Floyd.

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yes. As he explained recently, the site is getting a LOT of traffic. For most folks, this isnt a problem, but yes, some of you are getting issues but he's limited on how well he can fix. And no, we cant just spend all day creating lists of people because some folks join and then dont post anything gross until like months later so it's not as trivial as that.

The problem has been mentioned to the folks that write the spam blocker code too. It's not something that is affecting the majority of users either - only some folks get this problem a lot, so it's also tricky to track down what triggers it. It's also a case of using spam blocking software that is not our code.

Lemme just add that with the amount of traffic this site gets, and the number of people who ARE spammers, it is seriously becoming a big-time job to monitor the junk that people post. And by that I mean that even with the spam filters, we still have to deal with some crafty and obnoxious people who post bogus content to get their businesses showing up higher in search engines, or even worse, just some weirdos who like to shock. There are some things that have gotten through even the CAPCHA thingie that have made me want to bleach my eyeballs.

Please please consider this when you get "p*ssed" at the minor inconvenience. We're literally coming home from every outing and errand to check to make sure that nothing nasty has come through, and the software is helping with that a lot for us. I assure you that you DO NOT want the alternative we had before, because you wouldnt care to bake bread or eat again for a long time in general with some of the stuff that comes through.

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I thought that everyone had to do that everytime, because I am asked for it every time I have ever posted anything on here.

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Mini Oven

especially when I correct my misspellings.


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I have to answer CAPTCHA everytime, but don't mind since the Web is flooded, daily, with spam.Don't want to have to deal with it here on this fabulous site.

However, apparently, there is a limit on how many times I can edit an entry. Another reader found a mistake (not a typo) in one of my posts the other day, but the edit feature was no longer available on that post. I'd already fixed typos, but being tired it took me four edits to catch them all. Since then I'm using the Preview option for editing--guess I should have been all along.

David G

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I know the CAPTCHA thing is irritating -- it hits me often. But as a moderator on another high-volume site, I know how burdensome SPAM is to the site owners and (often volunteer) support staff, and I'd just like to take a moment to thank them for the great job they do here on TFL. I've not seen any SPAM here in a month, so I know they're working hard at it! Good job, guys!

Kent in Taiwan

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If everyone would prefer to see hardcore porn and endless viagra ads every time you visit here I will gladly turn off the captcha.  Otherwise, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but for now we live with it.

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I don't think we thank you often enough for the considerable work that you do.  Thank you for providing this forum.

I've never been troubled by the spam blocker, BTW, but I appreciate that you do the blocking.


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Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Thanks, Floyd, for all your hard work. It is much appreciated.


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I find it a problem sometimes when I try to get on from the computer at work, but I've never had a problem at home. Great site Floyd. Thanks. Dave

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  I get the CAPTCHA thing too, but it's no big deal. Better than the spam.


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