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Mottled 100% Wholemeal Sourdough

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Mottled 100% Wholemeal Sourdough

My formula for the dough:  

220 g organic stonegournd wholemeal starter @75% hydration 

400 g organic stoneground wholemeal flour (protein 14%+)

25 g water

270 g fat free butter milk

9 g salt   

(final dough weight 924 g and dough hydration 74% ) 

formula for the semi-liquid dough for brushing on the dough please see here.  (I would however increase water to 50 grams from 44 grams for future renditions.)


Mottled 100% Wholemeal Sourdough  


                                                                                            The crumb  

(1) The edges of the mottled surface were burned.   Because of the size I had to bake it quite long and the mottled surface cannot take high heat for a very long duration.  Next time I would lower the heat as soon as the dough is loaded.   (But, if the dough size is only half and baking time is shortened, the high heat for the whole duration is still the way to go to produce the golden brown crust.)  

(2) The mottled crust is nice and crispy, the best shape for it however is not a boule.  (I know now.)  The benefit is best felt in a baguette style or thin long bread such that you slice it length-ways.

(3) 74% dough hydration using butter milk is different from 74% hydration using water. The hydration would have been fine had it been water that I used given the high protein level in the wholemeal flour.   This sourdough turns out to be quite dry (ie, under hydrated) as the crumb is somewhat dense.   

(4)100% wholemeal flour gives a strong bitter note to the taste that my family doesn't care for.  Don't do it again.  




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If you still want a 100% whole wheat loaf, try mixing red and white whole wheat flours. White whole wheat flour is made from whole wheat that has been bred to eliminate the genes for bran color and is much milder in taste than whole wheat flour made from red wheat. Many bakers here like to mix these flours, often 50 / 50.

For more information on red vs white whole wheat, see this TFL post red vs white wheat

Best of luck in your baking. The loaf looks lovely.

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Thank you, your information is very helpful.  And thanks for the great link too.


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You make some of the nicest and tastiest looking breads I've seen. Great job. Dave