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Burgers. On homemade rolls. Love it.

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Burgers. On homemade rolls. Love it.

I don't even know how the onion and cheese cheese-stuffed, 1/2-pound burgers ended up being the perfect size for the rolls. Completely unintended. But proved to be a great summer-evening-on-the-balcony dinner.

Husband is very happy. And I'm happy it's finally warm enough in Wisconsin for yeast to rise on any countertop, instead of propping the bowl on top of a chair stacked full of books near the heating vent.




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   Love the baby carrots in the ice cream buckets in the back ground!


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and makes a delicious dinner.  Yum!

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It's always (well almost always) worth the effort for homemade. Nice job. Dave

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Beautiful color on those yummy looking buns they have such a nice shape too!  Great lookin meal!  What a super little garden you have growing!


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Nice buns and herbs!


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I have to say, i'm intrigued to see a photo of your bread rising on a chair atop a stack of books, that would be quite the photo!