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Babka and Cinnamon Rolls problems

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Babka and Cinnamon Rolls problems

I baked a Babka using half unbleached flour & half whole wheat flour & finished product tastes terrible having a sour taste to it.  I've baked Babka for many years, using only unbleached flour with great success, but I'm not sure - is wheat flour supposed to have a sour taste to it?

Also baked a batch of cinnamon rolls - my first attempt - well half way through the baking, the filling started to smoke.  I turned the temp down immediately, but don't understand why that happened.  The end product turned out beautiful, waiting for them to cool down so we can check the taste.  I followed a recipe that is supposed to be the original Cinnabon recipe.

Would appreciate any feedback.  Thank you all.  Love this site!

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Had you had the ww flour for a long time?  There is a slightly bitter flavour to ww flour at the best of times, from the bran, so with breads like brioche or croissants, I sift that flour, thereby sifting most of the bran out, leaving a finer whole wheat flour.

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Hi Paddy & thanks for your feedback.  As a matter of fact, the flour was from last years' Fall Baking & now I realize it is almost a year old - so that must be the problem.  A shame, looked so beautiful - oh well, will make again, it's worth the effort!  Nothing like a freshly baked, rich Babka studded with cinnamon & nutmeg flecks & plump raisins, with a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

Have a great day!

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If you want to use WW flour, maybe you ought to try WWW. People often find it less bitter and branny.


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 I never never buy whole wheat flour, until I started to mill my own I didn't even like whole wheat any thing.

 If you intend to use a lot of whole wheat then I would suggest a mill, some are quite cheap, doesn't have to be electric etc. you  will find fresh milled whole wheat a different taste altogether.

 Only mill as much as you need to use at one time, it is said that whole wheat will start to go rancid in 72 hours..................... 

                 My 2 cents worth...... qahtan

Whole wheat berries/kernels keep a long time.

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IF I can find an inexpensive hand mill at a thrift store or garage sale. I saw some sort of hand mill at a Salvation Army super store this weekend, but not sure if it was a meat grinder or a mill.  I do NOT want to try an electric mill--I have no tolerance for noise or the dust it would produce. 

How do you store the wheat berries?  In the freezer or can they be sealed in a plastic container?  Freezer space is a premium in our house. 

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I don't buy too much/many ? whole wheat berries at a time, but I do keep them in a Ziploc freezer bag, (stronger) and put it in the fridge.

Electric mills are very expencive even to get one that fits on your mixer as mine does. but a hand mill will do just as well.

 worth a double look in the Salvation Army place again, maybe even a call first to  see if they still have it.... qahtan

 Organic hard wheat berries      

Organic hard wheat berries milled twice