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Whole Wheat /Whole Rye sandwich loaf recipie needed

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Whole Wheat /Whole Rye sandwich loaf recipie needed

Hi Everyone,

I'm fairly new here and am still searching my way through all the informative posts. So please forgive me if this is a repeat question and kindly point me to right discussion.

I am trying to find a recipe that would help me make soft sandwich roll (sub like / torpedo) from whole rye + whole wheat. I would like rye to be around 20% but given the whole rye nature, I don't mind going down to 15% or 10% even.

My problem is that any recipe that I have tried with Rye, results in hard caramelized crust with dense structure. (OK AP + 15% mild rye was not dense - it was fluffy but crust was still hard).

Can you please point me to right direction (except for exit !!!) as I said I am fairly new here and relatively novice in bread making. (been experimenting for last year or two in non-continuous fashion.)

Thanks in advance,


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Does anyone have a good recipe for those french rolls served in restaurants, and also how to shape them?