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Good breads for the Harvest time?

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Good breads for the Harvest time?

Hey all @the fresh loaf, my good friend is having his annual"Autumnal Equinox" party next weekend and I was wondering if anyone had a good recipe for a nice Autumn loaf.  Let me know.- Thanks-Andrew

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 Last year I baked an herb bread that I thought was an excellent harvest bread.  A multi-grain bread or a nut bread can also represent the abundance of the season.  Use your imagination!

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I was looking for a bread recipe using spelt flour and came across this website with recipes.  The recipe for "Oven Baked Bread #2" (Harvest Spelt Bread) looks like a great loaf for the theme of your party. Another suggestion is an apple raisin cinnamon nut bread. 

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Hi kimn, I would be very interested in the website you mention - can you post the address? 

I use both wholemeal and white spelt flour for all my baking and would be happy to trade recipes 


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Oops, I am sorry.  I meant to include the link to the website.  Here it is.