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Two questions:

How do you get the fillling into the braid and;

How much of the Dr. Pepper went into the mix ;-}

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Looks like a winner. Great for a lazy sleep in... coffee and a BIG slice. Dave

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Very nicely done.  Looks delicious!

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They look absolutely lovely.  Makes me want to try it too. 

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Those are wonderful looking...I can almost smell them.  They're making me SO hungry.  The braiding on both is great.  But I think I agree with you that the blueberry one is just a bit more defined and elegant looking.  Great job!

If you really want to feel good about your accomplishment check out my disaster

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My wife is always talking about something like this that her mom used to make, but mom couldn't remember what it was!  I'm going to try this and surprise her when she gets home from her conference.

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I'm heading to the kitchen right now to start this recipe.  It looks great. I'll pop it into the oven tomorrow while I am making my bagels.  Thanks!

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If that was how your first try came out, I might just have to make an attempt.  If they come out half as good as yours I'll be ecstatic!


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brian camp

What do you think made the difference between how the braids turned out? Brian

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Would you please send us a piece...Coffee getting ready    lol

Looks great and next to try on our list that's getting long,


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Hi guys,

Did not take long to give it a try and, was it ever worth the effort.The stuff is sinfullllll,

Anna & Claude

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Wow! Those braids look fantastic! I am going to try this very soon!


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Hi Jeannie Tay,

Go ahead, we are sure that you will enjoy like we did. We gave one away to family and polished one within 24 hours....Back to baking I guess.It is also very light in sugar content, some may want to increase but should test first.

Anna & Claude

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I have posted a picture of my bread in the main thread.

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Nice looking Bread!  :)

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Mary Fisher

I'm lost for words!

Make the most of it :-)