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Loaves of Love

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Loaves of Love

Hi there,

My name is Inez, I live in Bristol, UK and have just recently discovered the joys of baking and am very keen to spread the skills and joy.

For the last few months I have been working on a project called 'Loaves of Love' which aims to get people together to slow down, bake bread and share good company and just this week we have finally, more or less, finished the website. I am still gathering recipes so if you have a favourite or one that is particularly suited to beginners please send them to Also any stories about bread and baking welcome.

The official launch - The Big Bake - takes place Sunday July 5, when people across the UK (and beyond?) will be inviting friends and a friendly stranger into their homes to start baking circles: everyone who comes to learn to bake then has to host a circle of their own within a month, and in this way the skills - and the love - are passed on and on and on...

It would be really great if you could help spread the word and even better if you could host a Big Bake yourself, even if it isn't on July 5. I have a poster for the launch I could attach (but can't work out how) and have copied in a press release sent out by Embercombe who are supporting the project.

Thanks for your help to get the word out and hope to find you up to your elbows in flour on July 5!


Press release 17 June 2009

Nationwide bread baking initiative Loaves of Love launched on 5 July

Restoring the bread making skills of the past and encouraging sustainability of both planet and relationships is the brainchild of Bristol mum and Transition Town group member Inez Aponte, whose ‘Loaves of Love' initiative begins on 5 July in association with Devon-based sustainable community Embercombe, Resurgence Slow Sunday and the Transition Town Group.

Loaves of Love aims to inspire people to host bread baking circles in their homes with friends, old and new. Everyone who comes along, and learns to bake bread, then passes the skill on by hosting a circle of their own within a month, encouraging the entire nation to get baking. Storyteller Inez Aponte had the idea for Loaves of Love after listening to Satish Kumar saying ‘If you haven't got time to bake a loaf of bread, you haven't got time to save the planet'. Inez says "I realised how much we rush around, never having time for some of the basic things in life, and that this rushing is one of the reasons we find ourselves in the environmental and social crisis we are in."

Baking bread fulfils so many of the criteria that make people happy: spending time together, eating good food, feeling in control of and understanding where our food comes from. Inez explains, "With bread making, the natural action of the yeast demands that you wait as the bread rises. It can't be hurried - and it's a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends and at the end of it you have a feast of home baked bread."

The ingredients are key - says Inez "The additives found in industrial bread are simply unnecessary - anything more than flour and yeast in the mix has to be questioned - unless it's seeds, fruit or nuts." She is also keen to explore bread from other cultures as a way of bringing people together. "Bread has such a rich heritage - we have been baking for over 6000 years. From people learning more about each other's bread, they will also learn more about each other - that's why we've called it Loaves of Love. You'll notice one of the ingredients for a Loaf of Love is a ‘friendly stranger' - the word ‘companion' means someone you break bread with, so maybe a stranger is just someone you haven't made bread with yet!"

Devon-based sustainable community Embercombe supports Loaves of Love as the initiative reflects their own active interest in community-based bread baking. At Embercombe, people of all ages, from 5 up, regularly make bread together in the venue's outdoor ovens or kitchens. Anyone who is interested can attend a monthly Friends Working Weekend for free at Embercombe in Devon -

How to Bake a Loaf of Love

Ingredients: A few friends, A Friendly Stranger, Flour, water, yeast and salt, Oven

Mix with: Stories, laughter and inspiration

Time: One long lazy afternoon

Remember: To pass the skills and - the love - on and on and on...

Recipes for bread and for happiness are posted on the website:




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Your idea sounds really fun!  I am involved with my local slow food group (Florida, USA) but it doesn't yet include baking.  Tomorrow I will be volunteering at a fund raiser and I might just see what interest there is out there for forming groups such as "Loaves of Love."


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Hi Summer,

Sorry its taken a while to reply. Did you ever get your group baking? I would really love to hear about your baking circles if you start one. The idea is to keep on baking and sharing and to share your experiences on the website by clicking on the 'bake and be counted' link. If you start a baking circle and everyone who comes does the same and so on and on it's amazing how many people you can get involved.  

If you want to drop me a line you can email me on

Happy baking!