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Heart of Wheat, from Rose's Bread Bible

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Heart of Wheat, from Rose's Bread Bible

Hello, everybody


a couple of weeks ago I made the 'Heart of Wheat" bread - she herself designed the recipe, based on everything she learned while baking a ton of bread for the book.


I had very high expectations for it, but unfortunately it did not work exactly as I hoped. It actually looked quite good, but the crumb was very tight and it had very little oven spring.


when the dough was ready to go in the oven, it was very very airy and bubly - which made me even more excited about getting THE perfect bread. I did what I normally do, "plopped" it out of the basket straight into my clay baker, but, contrary to my hearty sourdoughs (a la Hamelman). that barely deflate during the transfer, this bread pretty much turned into a flat sorry thing.

I was hoping it would have enough oven spring to come back to normal, but it rose very little.


for the experts bakers here - do you think that this particular kind of bread needs to be handled very gently? Would just the transfer affect so much the outcome?

If you want to see the series of photos, they are on my flickr site


the series of photos shows the method, you make a sponge and then add flour and yeast on top of it, after a few hours the sponge sips through the flour, pretty cool method...


I add here a photo of the final loaf - as i said, looked good, but it was just so-so as far as taste and texture goes.


if anyone has made this particular recipe, I am all ears....



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Mini Oven

loaf I did after so many sourdoughs, it overproofed because I wasn't used to the shorter timing.  Could this be the case?  Overproofing?

The loaf still looks good.   I find that when a loaf goes "flat" it is better to reshape and let it rise a little to recover before baking.    Sponge & yeast?  Is the yeast split or is the sponge sourdough?  Don't know what to say about the flavor... add some rye?

I was wet wrestling with my sourdough last night.  (that sounded kinky)  I shaped it 3 times just to get it to lie decently in a loaf pan.  The sticky loose thing kept holding my hands!  I knocked a lot of CO2 bubbles out but it did rise with time and got baked.