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learning to use this forum

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learning to use this forum

Hello to you all, I as new to using a forum in groups like this. Please help an old geezer like me learn. I am 81, love baking bread, and eating it. Don in NM

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You should start by reading through the FAQs, lessons and reader blogs. There is a load of info there. Welcome to the group. Dave

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Hello Don!

Look around and read everything you can. You'll learn loads of stuff they don't teach in books!




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Welcome to TFL, Don!

Tell us what you're baking. Ask questions about things you don't know or that didn't go the way you expected.

There are a lot of experienced bakers on TFL, and we like helping out a baker in need.


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Welcome Don.  I'm slightly younger than you are (but not by much) and, as of a year ago, became interested in making bread.  This forum is, IMO, the best one for learning the art/craft of bread making.

Don't be shy about asking questions.  Most of the people on this forum have experienced the same difficulties you're likely to come up against.  If you're patient and willing to try and try again, the folks on this site will be there to support your efforts for making quality breads.

You will find that some of the advice you receive here is VERY technical.  Some of it kind of "home town" straight talk.  If you find the technical responses cryptic, just keep reading and someone will translate it for you as the posts build on whatever thread you're involved with.

Now, go feed that starter ....

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You picked a great place to learn.  People here are very friendly.  As was said before, ask away, someone will be glad to help.