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Thank you Fresh Loaf and everyone with all there recipes and tips

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Thank you Fresh Loaf and everyone with all there recipes and tips

I have always enjoyed cooking, I can't remember the last time I brought a frozen meal or cheated at our dinners, apart from the bread. I have always been a terrrible bread maker, I once made a loaf that we no joking used as a door stop for a while. Since I found this site my life has changed, I have become confident at baking and proud of everything I make. My husband is very happy as he goes to work with fresh bread every other day.


So a huge thank you to everyone for helping me to achieve something I have always wanted to do, make my own bread!

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Like what you've said, this site has helped me understand more about bread making.  I really enjoy exchanging ideas and meeting new people.  Keep up the good work!

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Glad to hear it and congratulations! 

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I'd like to second that! This is a FANTASTIC site, so big thanks to Floyd, and to everyone who shares their knowledge and recipes here!  I'm learning a lot, and hope to be able to contribute as well in the future.

Kent in Taibei, Taiwan

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I'd like to third that! I am really grateful for TFL. thank you all!