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Cheese cubes

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Cheese cubes

What  happens if I use 1/4 inch chesse cubes in my bread dough in the bread machine on dough cycle??

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I have no idea what a dough cycle is on a bread machine, but I can tell you that I have mixed cubes of parmigiano reggiano cheese in my dough when I made Hamelman's cheese bread (using my stand mixer).

While a few of them were on the surface of the dough when I was shaping it, I just pushed them back in.  The cheese melted very nicely during the bake, and the bread was excellent.

If the dough cycle is when the machine kneads the dough, adding the cheese at the start should be fine.

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   On the dough cycle the bread machine does everything up to the second rise. Then you take it out to bake it. I used the cheese cubes and your're right. They just blended in. I wasn't sure if they would melt or what, but they did and the bread was delicious. The cheese was monterey jack and cheddar cubes and there was a couple tablespoons of dry ranch dressing mix. Next time I use the cheese cubes I think I will stick some in just before I bake it so I have melted cheese running out when you bite it.

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Now I want to make cheese breads... but already have four loaves of SD in the kitchen.  DH is gonna be crazy!

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I made cheese ciabatta which I posted.  I used cubes of Asiago cheese and it turned out great.  The cheese meltted and blended into the bread.