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(Japanese Style) Strawberry Shortcake

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Amulet Clover

(Japanese Style) Strawberry Shortcake

For a while now, it has been my dream to increase the popularity of Japanese style strawberry shortcake because, well for one, it's delicious! Besides, I don't know why but the American version annoys me a bit. Personally, throwing whipped cream and strawberries on a biscuit does not a shortcake make. 

I've tried many recipes but I just can't match the strawberry shortcake from Cafe Zaiya (18 E 41st! All NYCers must go here!!) It just seems so perfect and as I live in the Bronx, there really isn't much time for me to skip to Grand Central for it. 

I think the biggest deficiency is the sponge cake itself. I need a recipe that is soft, flavorful, definitely on the lines of butter cake. It can't be so soft that it lets the cream seep through. If anyone can send me their own recipes, I'd be happy to try them!


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Our favorite strawberry shortcake is made with my 40+ year old Georgia pound cake recipe...tastes wonderful with strawberries fresh picked and piled high.

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Amulet Clover

A pound cake...that's a great idea! >w<

The next thing to tackle is the cream. In all the Japanese recipes I've found, it's been plain old whipped cream.

Do you think that's stable enough to fill and frost a cake with? I've thought of using cream cheese but any suggestions would be great!

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I might be a bit pedantic but by definition shortcake means something rather close to a biscuit. The short meaning that the cake has a crumbly texture.
If you want a strawberry cake recipe try this one

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with whip cream.  If you want a regular layered strawberry shortcake then I would suggest  useing a shortcake recipe with a stablized whip cream.  

I also make a white layered cake with stablized whip cream for frosting and in the center there are sliced fresh berries or sometimes I add mango, peaches etc. and decorated with sliced berries on the top and flowers.  This can also be done with a regular frosting blended with strawberries frosted onto a 3 layer cake with strawberries in the center on the frosting and lovely live flowers on the top of the cake.

When I make my poundcake strawberry cake I first put a slice of pound cake followed by a strawberry sauce made by simply blending the strawberries with a little optional added sugar for sweetness then a layer of sliced strawberries and topped with whipped cream.

I have also have used an angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whip cream.


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Strawberry shortcake is strawberry shortcake!  Sorry, I'm from Texas....If you want to discuss Strawberry cakes....that's another animal all together.  Strawberry shortcake has a bisquit like base.....strawberry marinated with a little sugar....some water to make juice......and "FRESH" whipped cream, sweetened or unsweetened....that's strawberry shortcake.....Strawberry shortcake falls short for the same reasons some pizzas fall short....the crust for pizza makes it....the bisquit for shortcake makes it or breaks it.

Now....a very good cake base for a "Strawberry Cake" is a Genoise.....which is the French version of our sponge cake.  It's a little dryer and more substantial than our sponge cakes because Genoise cakes generally take a dousing of liquor flavored syrup to moisten and they still hold their texture.  Genoise recipes should be easy to google.  It's like French Bread...simple and elegant.....eggs, sugar, and flour....cocoa for chocolate cake.

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Amulet Clover

Thank you everyone for your input! I'll address one by one.


Rockfish42: I didn't mean to imply I didn't know what an American Strawberry Shortcake was. It's just in my personal opinion, I like the cake version better to the biscuit as I don't really have alot of luck with biscuits. By the way, thank you for the site!

SylviaH: Thank you for the ideas, I think using a bit of cream cheese would be okay. Also, your strawberry pound cake recipe reminds me of a trifle. I'll have to try it.

Rainwater: I was thinking a genoise would be the perfect thing, I'm just waiting for my cake pans to come. Great minds think alike ^^

Anyway, thank you all for input again and I'll be sure to post my progress.

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I had forgotten not to long ago hansjoakin had posted a blog for me for a recipe for a sponge cake very similar to the one on his blog for the Opera cake he had made...this is the it  I hope this works...if not maybe Hans can help.  His cake was wonderful and you can see it on his blog.


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Mini Oven

for mine, don't over bake and remove the outside crispier edges.  I also have a form somewhere that makes a depression for the fruit when flipped upside down.  If you don't like whipped cream or can't eat it, try drizzling the fruit with thickened flavoured gelatin.  

How about a baked rhubarb/strawberry cake with a layer of vanilla pudding under the fruit? 

I have also pinched out a bowl from a round cake and mixed the cake pinches gently with whipped cream & berries (that have been cut and sprinkled with sugar) pouring the whole concoction into the cake hollow (put the spring form ring back around it first) to decorate with fresh berry halves. Very easy and looks great!

Oh no, now I'm thinking about truffle... gelatin and cake and fruit....and Picnics!  Ah the sun is coming out... I knew that thinking about strawberries would do it!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone... I'm heading for the strawberry patch.


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I once ran across a 'recipe' which I've made a million times during the summer for a fast dessert.  It sounds similar to the type of thing you are mentioning here.

Pound cake, sliced lengthwise in 4-5 layers (horizontal to the plate/ground).

Whipped Cream

Lemon curd

berries of any or all kinds

Place the first layer of pound cake on the plate.  Spread lemon curd, attractively lay berries on top of this, spread a good layer of whipped cream (which can be flavoured with liqueur if you like).  Top with next pound cake layer, repeat until the last layer is on.

To finish, depending on how whipped-cream-happy you are, you can either attractive dress the top with whipped cream OR put a moderate layer of whipped cream and attractively layer berries OR frost the entire cake in whipped cream so it is totally enclosed.

When you slice this (across the short end of the pound cake) it produces the most beautiful, colorful slices of berry and such.  The effort, after the cake is made, is minimal for such a beautiful output.  

I've even (gasp!) made it with a store-bought poundcake when I'm really pressed for time and need to make a dessert in a hurry.

Mmmm!  I have a two pound box of blueberries in the fridge that would go very nicely with some lemon curd this weekend.