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You might have too many bread books when...

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You might have too many bread books when...

Your book end breaks. Yes, this just happened.

When you really start considering Amazon's "one click" ordering.

Add yours :)

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....when it takes you longer to decide on a recipe than it does to bake the bread!

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you remember the recipe, but forgot from which book you got it.

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Your dog chews the cover....because he could find where you last left it from the bread smells on it!  I have two new books now with the top of the cover a bit chewed away!

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"Too many" bread books?????


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I recently attended an estate sale at the home of a local professor who cooked and baked for fun. He had in excess of a thousand cookbooks. Filled three walls of a large room--to the ceiling.

Didn't look like too many to me!

David G.

P.S. I heard that Amazon made three deliveries to the funeral home too.;^)

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Oh, man, that sounds like my grandmother's house - except hers were Reader's Digest Condensed books and old Western novels.

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Mini Oven

"Cooking with Ghost Toasties & Evaporated Milk?"

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Lisa McCoy

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