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Sinking center during baking

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kim Underwood

Sinking center during baking

I am baking Ezekiel Bread in a new home and oven.  The bread is rinsing just fine on the counter but during baking the center of the bread is not crowning in the center.  The edges are rising so it actually looks like the loaf in sinking in the center.  The bread tastes great but isn't attractive enough to share.  I hope someone out there can help me with this problem.  L4FOOD


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Ezekiel Bread is baked in a bread pan which means you run the risk of the center remaining at a much cooler temperature, compared to the outer surface which is in direct contact with the pan's surface, during the progressive baking process.  You might try putting the bread pan in a water bath while baking this bread to even out the temperature exposure throughout the baking cycle.  Baking it in an enclosed vessel (dutch oven or covered bread pan) might also help

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If you're using metal bread pans (vs stone) you can just set one pan right inside the other, the way they'd sit on the shelf. Might be less complicated to try first and, if that doesn't work, then the water bath.

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Mini Oven

to see if an extra baking pan it lying on the bottom.  This could be your problem esp. when you don't know the oven.   If an extra pan is not on the bottom, check to see if the lower part of the oven heats up when turned on.


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I also bake ezekiel bread but as a free standing loaf like what you're doing. I do not have a problem with the rise but it never comes out where the middle is higher than the ends. I bake my loaf like Peter Reinhardt's whole grain book starting at 425 degrees and when I put the loaf in I turn it down to 350. I still am perfecting the recipe so I'm not sure if that will change but that's the way I do it now.


I think the beans make the dough gooey and a little difficult to get a good rise at times. So just keep trying! At the moment, I am working on how much liquid I need and an overnight fermentation. Try changing your oven temp and see how that works.



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I don't make the Ezekial Bread recipe,but I do make the no-knead recipe substituting 1/3 cup whole wheat flour, 1/3 cup Ezekial cereal and 1/3 cup rye flour, Bob's RM 5-grain cereal,  oat bran or whatever else I have on hand and am in the mood for.  It is very delicious and has never not worked.  I do add an extra tiny bit of water.