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Aspiring Bostonian Baker

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David Wilson

Aspiring Bostonian Baker

Hello everyone,

I'm from Boston, MA (Actually Brookline, but it's practically in Boston). I started baking rather amateurish, slightly experimental loaves at home last fall after coming across an old copy of "Beard on Bread" lying around my house. Now I'm baking all the bread I eat, and I've developed a particular taste for entirely-whole-grain recipes. I've been doing lots of reading on bread baking and techniques in an effort to improve my creations; I came across this site a while ago, and while I'm still intimidated by the arcana of baking artisan bread, I think I'm beginning to learn a few things. I just recently succeeded in getting a healthy sourdough starter going after several attempts. Anyways, just though I'd introduce myself, and I hope to learn more and keep making better bread!

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Oh, I don't think there's anything "amateurish" about home-baked bread, no matter what it may look like.   It will always taste better than the additive-filled stuff on the market today.

Looking forward to reading about your bread adventures!

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Hi, David.

Welcome to TFL!

Ah! Beard on Bread! James Beard was another famous bread baker from Portland, OR, home of our esteemed host on TFL. 

Don't be "intimidated" by bread. There are numerous sources of demystification, including the lessons and Handbook on TFL, many of the books reviewed here and the experience of other home bakers. So, ask questions. Share your successes and frustrations. Remember, even your "failures" will probably be better (and better for you) than the bread you can buy most places.

Happy baking!


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Hi David, and welcome to TFL!

(Just speaking anecdotally, I find that David is the most common name around here.)

I'm way down south of you, in Connecticut. Nice to have another New England baker aboard.

I'm sure you've seen the Whole Grains thread. Who knows, maybe you'll start milling your own, as plenty of whole-grainers do!

Good luck, and show us your wares!