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Is it dead?

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Is it dead?

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all your great advice in the past, i've posted here several times before!

So, I seemed to have managed to either kill or contaminate my starter. In the past 8 weeks it has really seen less and less activity. I was mixing up a new batch of bread and it just doesnt seem to be bubbling at all. In fact, it now smells weird too. Like... Cheese? I'm not sure, but I know it doesnt smell like it used to.

I'd love to hear some suggestions... but I think the answer is to just start over. Anyone?




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thrown out all but a small portion and then fed it with a good-sized feeding? Multiple feedings per day? How have you been storing/feeding your starter?


Personally, if it smells really weird and isn't giving you any signs of life, I'd toss it and start over just to be on the safe side.