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*Grumble!* Why is it...

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*Grumble!* Why is it...

That I'm always ONE ingredient short of any non-basic (Flour, water, salt, yeast) recipe? I'm considering pizza and was going to try the Roman Pizza Dough from Reinhart's "American Pie" - it would figure that I have no semolina flour, wouldn't it? Bread, AP, white whole wheat, spelt, light rye, coarse rye, cornmeal... you name it, but of course, no semolina!!!

And with the Greek Celebration bread, of course I had no almond extract, though I had everything else in spades!

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...was a Baker. Being short one ingredient is the Baker's Corollary to his Law.

Be happy O'Reilly wasn't a Baker.

O'Reilly's Law: Murphy was an optimist.


David G