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Crazy overdrive

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Crazy overdrive

Today, I made two loaves of SD sesame bread, kefit, tempeh, granola, and a tooth pillow for my son's first loose tooth.  All that work must have put me in overdrive, when I looked at the little stiff SD starter that had been sitting in my fridge for a week, I suddenly wanted to make something out of it.  So I made this one, Sourdough Fred. 


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I bet your son wants to take Fred to school with him for show and tell. If he were a couple years older, it would be to scare the girls. ("This is uncle Fred. He died a few years ago, but my mom cut off his head and baked it so it wouldn't rot. Cool, huh?")

Nice work! Way better than frogs or alligators. 


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The eyes, so he can't see what's happening?  The ears, so he can't hear you crunching him?  The mouth, so he can't scream?  It's the age-old problem of where to start eating that chocolate bunny.  That is one very creative hunk of bread, congratulations!

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I am sure he would if his teacher let him.  He had been begging me to make more bread sculptures since last weekend.  I bet he would eat the teeth first (candy, go figure!) and that Uncle Fred wouldn't be able to bite back!  Hahaha.  By the way, the green in his teeth was his idea!

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Your son is lucky to have such a talented mom!


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Wow, what a fun mom you are!

I spent the day once with the children of some friends, and I asked them what they wanted to cook.  The son wanted to make ships from bread dough, so that is what we did.  Well, he did, with toothpicks for masts, etc.

Have you done anything like that with your son?  Makes for great bonding time, plus they have creative, messy fun, and learn math and food science at the same time!  And possibly the best part--you get to eat the results!



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Yes, we make bread sculptures from time to time.  My son loves it.  The last time we made a few of them was over a month ago.  Then we invited our neighbor's kids over to eat the breads.  Lots of fun.

I love your blog.  Definitely will try the mock char siu; looks delicious!

Are you in Honolulu?  I stayed there shortly before moving to the mainland.  I used to live on different islands... Oahu, Maui, Lanai, but I was always a North Shore girl.  Spent many of my memorable years in Kahuku and Laie.  That was though when I was much younger and we only had H1 so going to town was not very convenient.  I remember going grocery shopping to Foodland was a big deal because we didn't have many big grocery stores back then.  Neither did we have chain stores like Walmart or K-Mart and Costco was still very new to us.  For most weekends we hopped on the circle island bus and off to Kaneohe.  Once in a while a trip to Waikiki but mostly we hung out between Kaneohe and Sunset.  Those were the good years!