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questions on using the Bosch Universal

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questions on using the Bosch Universal

Having issues with the basic bread recipe for the Bosch. I grind the whole wheat kernels, add 10 cups of ground flour, and add a couple of additional cups of white flour as per recipe. The bread will usually taste ok, but it is nowhere near the consistency the recipe says it should be. As soon as i take the dough out of the bowl, it spreads out and will not hold it's shape. I plop it into the pans anyway and wind up with bread (very moist, not sure if this is right either) but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  I hope there is nothing wrong with the motor? Some recipes say mix for 8-10 minutes, others say for 5 minutes. I would love to speak with anyone using this mixer for bread. i have had it for a year and only used it a few times because i can't get past this bread recipe. Also, can any recipe be converted to be mixed in the bosch?


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i'm wondering why you are adding white flour? i've had a bosch for 25 years and love it. you may be adding a bit too much water? Or you may need to knead it longer. If you go to the Urbanhomeaker site (google it) as I cant remember the address, but there is a good recipe to start from there.

I usually have to knead my dough longer than it says. I stop it after 8 minutes and check for the windowpane test, then i go another 1-2 minutes until i reach that point, ends up being anywhere from 1-4 more minutes, making it actually a 12 minute knead. I think that's because I probably add my flour  in the beginning a little faster and that adds to the kneading time.

I never could make good bread with using white flour, and when the directions talk about the dough starting to leave the side of the bowl, that's only with all whole wheat flour, that wont ring true with any white put in it, unless you are just adding a cup or so.

 Also try replacing 2tbsp of your water with 2tbsp lemon juice, make a wonderful difference. also use vital wheat gluten.......sorry for the vague answer, write me via email if you need more specific help. hang in there. it's a wonderful machine!!!!     Chris