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Marathon stone mill?

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Marathon stone mill?

Has anyone used one of these or heard of them? I can't find much, just that they don't make them anymore and they are very heavy duty. Someone what's to sell me one used, it's old and they want $250-$300 for it. I feel like that is kinda high for a used one. But it is a stone mill, and I am having a hard time finding a stone mill, which is what I want. Do you think it would be worth it?

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I have a friend who also has a Marathon.  I haven't seen it yet but apparently these small stone mills were made by the Mormons.  She bought hers 25-30 years ago for about $300.  She says it always worked well and never needed maintenance.  And a blog I found also indicated the same consistency and quality for the (they had used theirs for about 10 years) Marathon they had.  There are no current manufacturers of small stone mills that sell for less than $2000, if motorized.  The price  for the Marathon is a deal, if you really want a stone mill.  I have my own stone mill, a Meadows,  that is also 30 years old.  I just had it s stones "dressed" and the flour it produces is outstanding!

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I have a Marathon Uni-Mill that I just acquired, but it has no user manual.  Would your friend by chance have one I can get a copy of or know where I might get one?  I would really appreciate it.

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I don't know the size of the Marathon mill. If it is a larger mill (that, for example, need to be bolted to a countertop) $300 sounds fair. Would you compare it, for example, to the Retsel mill?

If it is a smaller capacity  mill, the kind enclosed in a small cabinet that can be placed on the counter and will hold max 1-2 pounds in the flour receptacle, then maybe you can get the price lowered.

FYI, there is a nice, motorized smaller adjustable stone grain mill on sale right now on eBay. The link is

The mill on eBay is missing the grain hopper - the hopper for this kind of mill is simply a large funnel. I think you could find a replacement.

You should at least check it out if you want to get a feel for the going  price.

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Big Brick House...

I have 2 that I use for my small bakery, I love them.  I know they haven't been made since the 60's by the Grover Co.  But they normally go for around $100 on Ebay


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I have a Marathon Uni-Mill in my garage.  It has been there for so many years that I forgot I had it.  It was new when it was put out there, and it has never been used.  Extra parts are in the drawer and still wrapped in plastic wrap. It is clean and in great condition.  If anyone wants to buy it, let me know. 

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Did you sell your garaged Marathon, if not how much

are you asking ??




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Yes I did.  I did not know how much to ask, so I put it on eBay for $130 with a buy-it-now plus $65 shipping and it went in the first hour (to Alaksa). Thanks for your inquiry.


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I have a Marathon Mill. Bought it slightly used years ago for $125.00. Have ground all my wheat, corn, barley, whatever. Tonight the stationery mill stone is broken. SInce the mill is no longer made does anyone know where I can get a replacement stone. I love my mill.