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Okay, made an account.

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Okay, made an account.

I decided that, whilst waiting for my autolyse, I would make an account on here to chronicle my progress. I'm in the beginning stages of what should be a decent loaf if I don't muck it up. I'm using a fairly mushy dough, and this is going to be the first chance for glory with my brand-new starter, which I've managed to make grow from the wastes of Wyoming, where I thought nothing lived. Apparently, we have yeast.

The starter, by the way, owes credit to SourdoLady's methods involving pineapple juice, which seem to have worked wonderfully.

This will be the first loaf of bread I've baked in about a month, I've just never had the time or inclination to do so until now. I'll post results once I'm done. Wish me luck!