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Hi from Milan, Italy

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sandra manghi

Hi from Milan, Italy

Hi, there

Making bread is one of my favorite ways to relax. I've attended a couple of courses here in Milano, and I bake about twice a week. I normally use fresh yeast (they sell it in cubes here, and it needs being refrigerated), but I just recently noticed that the dry type works very well too. I've used my sourdough in the past, then grew tired of it.

I'm very interested in testing some of the very attractive recipes I've found on this site, and I'm willing to share mine, but I will need to study some of the English terminology. My recipes are all expressed in the metric system - I hope that's OK.


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That shouldn't be a problem, it seems like a lot of people on this site have gravitaterd towards metric. I live in th US but do all of my baking in metric. SO much easier. Welcome to the group.

Chef Ryan

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Hello and Welcome to TFL, Sandra!  Looking forward to your recipes metric is great!   We love photos here too!


Sylvia in San Diego

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Benvenuto Sandra.

Ho abitata a Bologna due anni. Adoro la cucina Italiana e posso leer ricette in Italiano ma non parlo buono in Italiano.

Metric is better anyways. Please post some of your recipes!

Piacere conocerte.

- Anna

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ciao Anna

my family live in modena but they cannot find the recipy for a local bread that we used to eat when i was over there last i will try to describe it  the crust was hard and snapped when you broke it the bread the insided was very soft,light and white it was also rolled larger in the middle getting smaller on the out side

i dont know if you have heard of it  they are all very old and dont know how to use the internet so i an searching everywhere to find it but upto now have had no success dont know if you have seen it but any help would be appreciated



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Hi, Will.

The bread you described sounds a lot like a bread from Mantova, which is very near Modena. There is a recipe for that bread in Marcela Hazan's "More Classic Italian Cooking." If you are interested, I can post the recipe this evening when I get home.

This was one of the first breads I baked (about 30 years ago). It is very simple to make and very nice tasting. The loaves were as you described, about 25 cm long with a single cut down the middle of the loaf.


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Hi David

I dont think the bread you describe the one Im on about this was a distinct shape it was rolled up and looked like short bull horns when they make it it is rolled out a bit like a nan bread then rolled from the wide end to the  thin end to give it a distinct shape but i will still give the recipe you mentioned a try if you could post it please