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Sides of bread cave in-- Help

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Sides of bread cave in-- Help

I'm baking white sour dough bread using yeast and a very good starter that I picked up in Alaska. I bake the bread for 25 mins at 350. The the bread comes out the overn it looks wonderful...but after it sits on the cooling rack the side begin to cave in. I've tried several things but I just cant seem to get sides that will stand up. The flavor and texture is just looks strange.

All suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Steve Chastain

Knoxville, TN 

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Try baking your bread in a hotter oven. Also, what kind of bread pan are you using? Dark colored pans bake best for loaf breads. If the pan is shiny, the sides don't brown well and will be soft--hence they won't support the weight of the loaf. Are you removing the bread from the pan immediately when it comes out of the oven so that the steam doesn't make your crust soggy?

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Also, if you take the bread out of the tin when you consider it to be baked, then pop it back in the oven, upside down and turn the oven off, by the time the oven has cooled down a bit the sides and bottom should have firmed up quite a lot.

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Try baking the bread for a longer time in order to sufficiently set the sides. Also, the pan you're using might be too small for the dough, causing the top to be too heavy for the body to support. Len