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Sourdough in breadmachine???

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Sourdough in breadmachine???

A friend of mine has an allergy and she has been baking her own irish soda loaves for a few months. She thinks though that using a breadmachine would save her time and is looking to buy one. She asked me for advice, on using sourdough in the breadmachine (which i would be providing). My first thoughts on this is that it is known to be hard to use sourdough ONLY (no yeast etc) in the breadmachine and that she would be better off doing quickbreads with baking soda.

What are YOUR experiences? I have no breadmachine and prefer to make dough by hand anyways.....

Thanks and greetings


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and finish by hand, and in the oven. I scale my recipes to fit the machine, keeping the same % ratios. The problem is the long proofings. I own a earlier model Zo, and there is no way to extend the proofing steps to the times needed for sourdough; perhaps the newer machines can accomodate.

I wonder, however, about your friends allergy. If she's allergic to yeast, how can sourdough, which contains yeast, be safe?

David G.

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Hi David


the intention is to bake the complete loaf in the machine.  I know that is asking for a lot of hassle due to the long proofings, I have been baking for years by hand.

I didn't mention what kind of allergy she has, but it's no yeast allergy.

and, sourdough does not contain bakers yeast but wild yeast, which are completely different beasties alltogether.

so far I haven't been able to find any recipe using ONLY sourdough in the BBM, most use sourdough plus yeast.

but I am sure it should be possible to do quickbread type breads, using sourdough and baking soda........I have recipes for those but not for the BBM.

I will see if anyone else will reply to this topic. Maybe I should have posted it in the sourdough forum????



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I'd be very interested in your sourdough and baking soda experiement, it may prove very interesting. Sourdough starter has an acidic character--in the range of 3.5 to 4 pH--and baking soda is, of coarse, on the basic side. When you mix sourdough starter and baking soda together, it foams: a lot!

I make sourdough pancakes, or sourdough waffles with my sourdough starter discarded when I feed it. The foaming gives them their light, puffy texture. Let me know how bread reacts. Perhaps, with well developed gluten the CO2 realeased by the starter-soda reaction will be captured, and you'll have an instant proof.

I think a good, nearly-authentic sourdough loaf can be made in a bread machine entirely, either by interrupting the proof steps, i.e., stopping the timer coundown to add time to the step, or, as you pointed out, adding baker's yeast. My machine pauses when you simply open the lid. There is, however, an annoying beeper to warn the lid is open.

Good luck,

David G.

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I agree with the plan to let the machine mix it up but do the second rising and forming outside of the machine. I have made quite a bit of Sourdough using my machine but I generally add yeast unless my starter is REALLY active....which of course depends on the area you make it in. Let me know how it works for your friend. If she isn't allergic to yeast, it would help to add a bit to her recipe.

Good Luck!

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hi all

my friend isn't allergic to yeast but she is not allowed to have yeast, that is why she wants to bake with sourdough only, as this is no BAKERS yeast. So bakers yeast is no option.

for my quick bread with sourdough and baking soda:

3 cups sourdough (batter type)

2 cups flour (whole wheat, combi of rye, spelt, etc)

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 tablespoons honey

2 eggs

5 tablespoons oil

1/3 cup water

mix all ingredients and pour in two greased 8x4 loaf pans, bake for 70 to 90 minutes on 350 F. easy peasy.

I have a few using baking soda or baking powder combined with sourdough.... Happy baking



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Berti, what do you consider batter sourdough ?  Isnt all starter more or less like batter ?