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dough skills

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dough skills

Some decent dough skills..



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I love to watch stuff like this. I found some good ones on pizza tossing too. On my own last attempt at pizza tossing, which I did outside with "junk" dough, mine wound up in a tree.

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That was one heck of a gluten window he had going there.  All hand kneaded.  No mixing bowl for all that dough.

I wonder what the protein level was on the flour he used?  Also -- I wonder if and where wheat is grown on the Indian subcontinent?

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That looks like great naan. You have wonderful dough skills. Thanks for posting the video!


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Hi Pamela,

It's not me - though i'd love to be able to handle dough that well ;)


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Indian wheat production is the 2nd greatest in the world, second only to China. USA is third.

Look on Google. I couldn't find anything about protein levels though.