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Cinnamon Rolls - Thank You

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Cinnamon Rolls - Thank You

My mom had a special request for cinnamon rolls for her birthday so I'd like to thank zolablue for the recipe here (It's the second recipe down the list):

I'm another happy customer!

I'm mostly posting as a thank you but also with some of my personal experiences that others might benefit from reading about if they choose to make these WONDERFUL and EASY rolls:

1) I used 6g instant yeast instead of a packet (7g) of active dry.  Therefore I added an extra half cup of potato liquid to the recipe because I didn't have to disolve the yeast in the beginning.

2) I used lard instead of shortening.  I don't know if this is the reason that when I added in the eggs, milk, potato, and potato liquid, it came together with rather a curdled look.  I did add the eggs one at a time and when the first one did not mix in smoothly, I broke out the electric beater.  The concern was all for naught, though since once I added the flour everything came together beautifully - So don't worry if you get this curdled looking texture beforehand.

3) I used KA organic AP flour and it took 5 cups to create a workable dough, though I may have been able to get away with even less flour.

4) I couldn't find cinnamon chips at the grocery store so I just spread the sugar out on the buttered rolled out dough and sprinkled the whole thing with as much ground cinnamon as I thought would be desirable - A complete but thin layer.

5) I got 14 pieces out of the roll and packed them into a 9 1/2" x 13 1/2" nonstick metal baking pan that I had sprayed with coooking spray.

6) I made vanilla icing and did not use the full amount of milk since I was leaving out the chocolate and it would have been too watery.

I know that it looks like I went crazy with the icing (I actually did have some left over!) but once the roll was on my plate it looked perfect!


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First of all, I want to say this is a lovely little sweet dough and I will be using it often!  Thank you for the link to it.

I did do a couple things different, but it doesn't change anything with the dough itself. I always use softened butter and spread it on the dough instead of melted butter. Also, I use all brown sugar instead of white. Again, it doesn't change anything with the dough, just personal preference.

Secondly; I am a one person household, so whenever I make something I usually have to end up freezing a good portion the the finished product. There is nothing wrong with freezing, but I really love FRESH BAKED pastries. So I put a chunk of this dough in the freezer to see if; #1 it would freeze well and #2 if there would be any discernable difference in the taste and/or texture of the frozen dough vs. the fresh dough. I am happy to say there is no difference what so ever between them!!!

This is great news for me as I can now make this dough and freeze it to use for several small batches of FRESH pastries!!! Thank you again for the link!

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I have had great success freezing the log of rolled-up cinnamon rolls before slicing them. They thawed well. As expected, they actually sliced much better when still not completely thawed. They rose and baked up as well as the fresh-made half of the recipe.


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Debra Wink

Great tip on freezing, guys---thanks!

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Thanks ladychef41 and David for the tips on freezing the dough.  That technique will be very useful for me.  At the end of June I will be in charge of my sister's wedding day breakfast for about 40 people and have been trying out different make-ahead options.  So far i've tried freezing shaped croissants of different varieties and it works very well.  Fully cooked bagels also thaw out well.  I was thinking of doing zolablue's mini cinnamon roll option.

BTW I really liked the tips of spreading the dough with softened butter and cutting the rolls while semi-frozen!


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Thanks summer for the link! I have been searching for a good cinnamon roll recipe to try out. I think I may do a little experiment and use my mild starter instead of the instant yeast and see what happens. More on that in a bit... wish me luck!

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I've been too chicken to try SD for cinnamon rolls yet.  Please do let everyone know how it goes.  I have noticed past posts from people who have tried it and it looks like fun.  I'm just not as confident about the strength of my starter.