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New Camera!

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New Camera!

I got a new camera and just had to play around with it! No more grainy pictures of my beautiful loaves. No more tiny, miniscule photos. No way! With my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 with 10MP and 18X zoom I can now go poster-size to 180 dpi. And really, shouldn't there be more posters of bread?

Anadama Bread


I've gotten so excited about bread, and my new camera, that I decided to start my own blog. You can find a blog entry with step-by-step photos at

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Congratulations on your new camera.  These new cameras do wonders.  Camera's have come such a long way since I used my Brownie camera!


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Was a Fuji FinePix - it was anything BUT!


Now I'm just going to have to take lessons from some of the gorgeous photos here on TFL!

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I would recommend your visiting the forums at  There you can get lots of tips and good information to further your photographic abilities.

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We have a lot of cameras at home.  Among the three of us - my husband, my 7-year-old son, and myself, we have 7 cameras.  I know... we're crazy.  I am surprised to hear that you didn't like your FujiFilm.  They're my son's favorite.  In fact, we have three of them!  I love my Sony.  Can't wait to see more pictures of your breads.  Don't be shy!

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Here's a great thread from Eric on taking digital pics. You picture above is very nice and I love Anadama!


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I'll check them out when I can! We were out to garden centers today and off to the farmer's market tomorrow!

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Beautiful photo - calm and classy.


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Too funny. I love food photography! I use my room mate's digital Cannon and often do macro close-ups to give the viewer the impression of being right there experiencing the loaf rather than staring at it from an impersonal distance.  Congrats on your new camera.


(Amending this to add my vote to the kudos you are getting on your photo. It looks so professional!

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What a nicely composed picture.  I also love the name of your blog.  Very clever.  I look forward to your next posts.