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Wonder Junior hand mill

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Wonder Junior hand mill

I have been wondering about the Wonder Junior hand mill. Any thoughts from all of you?

Thanks Mur

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Don't know much about this one but I have an electric stone mill and it didn't cost a lot more than that prce.  I also have a hand crank attachment in case of power outage.  I've used a hand mill a few times and it took FOREVER to grind enough flour for just two loaves of bread.  Some may find a hand mill usefull but personally I prefer something a bit more painless.

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As hand mills go, this has one serious drawback - it has no flywheel and can probably never be motorized.

Hand milling is a real commitment.  I went into it eyes opened.  It takes a long time. It is hard physical work.  I signed up for that. Right now, I "enjoy" it (I mean - I don't double up in glee, but I find it satisfying...)  But I bought a mill that can be motorized and someday it will be.  So even at my level of dedication I see a motor in my future.

You might want to think that one through before you buy.   A Country Living grain mill is not much more expensive - and can be motorized. But it cannot grind oily things.  A Diamant (and have I ever mentioned that I love mine?) breaks the bank, but can be motorized and will grind most anything.  Are you really going to be grinding a lot of nut butters? Do you need that feature? 

Evaluate your goals before settling on a mill - you want to love yours because it should be a once in a lifetime purchase.

Hope this helps.

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I have this mill and love it. It is a lot of work to mill by hand, but you can motorize it. It took about 1 hour to get 2 cups of flour (very finely milled). I was getting very worn out, but it tightened up my arms nice. My husband was able to add a small motor to it and I now get about 10 cups in an hour. I love the fact that you have the option of both stainless steel and stone burrs. I normally crack my wheat with the stainless steel burrs and then switch it to the stones and run it through again to get it really, really fine.

It makes the best bread. I purchased it from Kodiak Health much cheaper.

I hope this helps your decision. It took me a lot of searching before I found this one. For me, I was really interested in having the stones so I could get finely milled flour without heating the flour and losing any nutrients.



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I didn't think a mill of this type could be motorized.  Ya learn something every day.

Just to make an observation, steel burrs do not create enough heat in the milling process - especially when it is done by hand - so that there is nutrition loss.  The steel milling process that creates heat is the process used in high speed roller milling.  We don't get anywhere near that speed

But let's compare output.  I can easy grind (by hand) two pounds of wheat in 15 minutes with a Diamant (and, I would think with a Country Living  or Country living type mill).  If I want to make multiple passes and sift to get a finely ground, high extraction flour, I can do two pounds (easily) in an hour. So motorized, this mill produces only slightly more than I can by hand.  That is something to consider when choosing a mill.  I don't know how much flour the original poster requires, but this could be a consideration.

But, you are absolutely correct that fresh whole wheat flour makes great bread.

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The original poster also may also want to consider the type of grain being milled. Different types take different amounts of time and effort. I normally grind hard red spring wheat, but when I grind soft white the time and ease is cut in half.

Another consideration is price. I wasn't quite sure how serious I was about milling so spending around $250 didn't seem as bad as other more spendy ones out there.

One last consideration is muscle/strength. I'm a female with a tiny frame, 115 lbs, I have toothpicks for gunboats!!!

The Diamant looks like a awesome mill (minus not having stones) and it'd probably be my next mill when my dies! By then I should have enough saved up!!

Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!