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Another new Canadian.

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Another new Canadian.

Thought I'd say hi and thanks for the site. Looks like great info from wonderful folks here. I'm 56 and getting ready to retire, in a few months, from the Pulp and Paper industry in Northern Alberta. My wife and I have bought a place on Vancouver Island and look forward to lazy days spent fishing and joint efforts in the kitchen. I've been a.... should I say it?...  bread machine junky for years. Now I figure with the spare time of retirement I can UP my bread game and start to enjoy a more "hands on" approach. Anyway, I love the site and look forward to producing some real homemade breads soon. Thanks and Hi.   Dave.

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Hi, Dave.

Welcome to TFL!

You have indeed found a great place to get your hands on bread baking up to speed.

Look forward to hearing about your progress.


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And enjoy your retirement, oh lucky person! This is a fantastic site, lots of great people here.....Enjoy!


ivyb, ny

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LA Baker

I'm a bread baker from Kingston, Ontario, but living in LA.  How lucky are you to be on Vancouver Island! 

Enjoy this site, it is a wealth or information and inspiration!


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Hi Dave,

I was in a similar state when I started here last August.  A bread machine junky.  I used to mix the dough in the machine and bake on a stone.  I've learned SO MUCH here and also felt a wonderful comaraderie as folks help solve problems and generally cheer each other on.  I'm 59 and retired to Penticton myself.  Welcome.


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Welcome to the site, Dave.  I am in Calgary and I am not anywhere close to retirement.  I make my breads in the oven.  We have two bread machines.  I bought them for my husband to try making bread with.  He hardly uses them though.  The weather has been so lousy in Calgary that I wish I were in Vancouver or Penticton.  It must be nice to be able to sit under the sun and enjoy the warm air.