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Baguettes and Sourdough Starter

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Baguettes and Sourdough Starter

I made the simple wheat starter from Van Horn's book and have been using for virtually all of my breads.  Been on a huge olive baguette and pain au noix kick.  Also made the olive baguettes with additions of brie.  The olive and asiago pesto baguettes I made this morning are by far the best looking baguettes I've made ever.  I got the fibrament a couple of weeks ago, very excited so I've been baking every weekend.

Olive and Asiago Pesto Baguettes

Sourdough Tomato Cheese

I've also been using the starter to make Sourdough Tomato Cheese bread from Mel London's "Bread Winners" cookbook. I varied the recipe, instead of using cheddar, I added herbs and mozzarella which is great with pepperoni.