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Web Ring?

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Web Ring?

Does anyone know of any kind of "web ring" for bread bakers? IE, a site that The Fresh Loaf, Wild Yeast, etc. would all link to with a listing of various sites and an option to "go to next site" or "go to previous site" at the bottom? Are these just not popular anymore?

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But you could make tabs of all your sites and open them all at once.


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You could take a look on Delicious here:

There are other sites that manage links, etc that you could use.

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Back in the day when websites were pretty much static content, web rings were used to improve search engine results.  Nowadays, search engines look for properly organised sitemaps to index new content instead of browsing sites and following the links found within. 

Search engine results are usually geared towards sites which produce a steady stream of new content (like a community site where many members post relevant content every day).

So web-rings are not really useful any more.

But to answer your question about bread web sites, there is the bread feed:



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I'm afraid the web ring has pretty much gone the way of the newsgroup.  I guess the closest thing to a webring now is



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The last time I built any sort of web page was pre XHTML :/

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You should be able to find several pointers either at or The first site is the authors', the second one carries regular articles by him and by other bakers and cooks. It also usually gives useful links info.



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The "Daring Bakers" group functions a bit like a web ring.


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BNLeuck is still fully functional, if you wanted to try there.